​Kayla Delzer is a 3rd grade teacher and technology champion in North Dakota. She is a columnist for Edsurge and blogger for Edutopia, where she writes about a variety of edtech and design topics. She is also the creator of her blog, Top Dog Teaching. On July 23, 2015 she delivered her first TEDx Talk, Reimagining Classrooms: Students as Leaders and Teachers as Learners. Her work with classroom redesign and flexible seating has become the standard worldwide. She was also recently selected as North Dakota’s Lead Digital Innovator by PBS. Kayla is authoring her first book for educators based on best 21st century teaching practices for digital natives, due to be published in December 2016. You can connect with Kayla on all social media platforms @topdogteaching, and on her student lead social media accounts @topdogkids.

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