TCEA Convention & Exposition | San Antonio TX

TCEA 2023

Who is TCEA?

“As the largest nonprofit ed tech association in the United States, we’ve been working with educators and legislators for over 40 years to eliminate the barriers in education.

We’re dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through the use of technology, because we want to make learning possible for every student. How? Through a combination of advocacy, professional learning, and community offered through TCEA membership.

Everyone who attends a TCEA event gets a TCEA membership with their registration. The best part? Membership renews for free each year. (Yeah. We seriously want every educator to enjoy the benefits of TCEA, so membership is free– forever.)

What is the TCEA Convention & Exposition?

The TCEA Convention & Exposition is our biggest and brightest professional development event of the year. We’ve been putting on this educational conference for 43 years, and we can tell you straight up– it’s a powerful experience.”


Source: TCEA website