OETC Ohio Educational Technology Conference 2023 | Columbus, OH

OETC 2023

Ohio Educational Technology Conference

The Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) is the one of the premier P-20 state educational technology conferences in the country. Each year, more than 4,500 educational technology professionals and enthusiasts come together to explore the forefront of P-20 learning and innovation in Ohio.

Designed to cultivate partnerships, promote collaboration, deliver high-quality information, and make technology accessible and enjoyable for educators, the OETC is the must-attend conference of the year for P-20 teachers, curriculum and technology coordinators, administrators, higher education professors and administrators, and everyone who is interested in learning more about what’s happening in technology today.

Better Teaching Through Technology

As Ohio’s premier professional development opportunity for P-20 educators, the OETC offers a wide variety of sessions, displays, demonstrations, and learning experiences designed to showcase best practices, introduce innovative teaching strategies, explore interactive classroom environments, and highlight the implementation of new technologies to empower more effective teaching and learning.

Throughout the conference, attendees can learn what’s new and look toward the future by exploring new technologies, experiment with hands-on demonstrations in an interactive atmosphere, and learn how to integrate new ideas and new teaching methodologies into the learning environment.

Did we mention that OETC is fun?

Aside from the interactive learning and new technology, the OETC provides a forum for exploration, connection, and collaboration, making it the single best place for educators and innovators to network with their peers, share their ideas, and have FUN!

At the end of the day, our greatest goal is to empower our attendees to embrace technology by sharing the latest tech developments, providing the time and space to exercise their creativity, and helping them connect, explore, and learn.


Source: OETC website