ISTE Ignite – Allison Finn

Allison Finn of Global Nomads Group kicks off the first round of Ignite sessions at ISTE 2014 in Atlanta by exploring how global collaboration in the classroom teaches students to break down cultural barriers and navigate an increasingly global marketplace. ISTE Ignite sessions feature dynamic, rapid-fire presentations on thought-provoking topics from cutting-edge leaders in the field of education technology.

5-Minute Film School

Cinematic storytelling engages students’ hearts as well as their minds to create meaningful projects that will stay with them long after they’ve forgotten most of the facts they learned in school. Film and broadcast journalism teacher Michael Hernandez offers filmmaking tips to help students create video projects they’ll be proud to share with the world. Watch more education-related videos on ISTE’s EdTekHub, Want more ideas for using technology to achieve deeper learning? Get more than 90 recorded sessions from ISTE 2014 on topics ranging from 1:1 to flipped learning:…

The why behind 3D printing

3D printing can be a powerful learning tool. It can give students hands-on access to primary source materials such as dinosaur bones, allow them to engineer solutions to real-life problems and empower them to help others in a tangible way. Author and maker education expert Sylvia Martinez explores what 3D printing offers for students and how it’s being harnessed in the classroom. Watch more education-related videos on ISTE’s EdTekHub, Want more ideas for using technology to achieve deeper learning? Get more than 90 recorded sessions from ISTE 2014 on topics ranging from 1:1 to flipped learning:…

8 essential elements of PBL

All too often, teachers load students up with information and then cap off the unit with a project. Project-based learning (PBL) turns that model on its head by allowing students to learn through hands-on work. Technology integration expert Michael Gorman outlines the eight essential elements of true PBL. Watch more education-related videos on ISTE’s EdTekHub, Want more ideas for using technology to achieve deeper learning? Get more than 90 recorded sessions from ISTE 2014 on topics ranging from 1:1 to flipped learning:…

What will you learn at ISTE 2015?

The ISTE Conference & Expo is more than just an education conference. It’s ed tech’s greatest meeting of the minds — the hub where thousands of educators from around globe gather to shape the future of education. It’s an interactive, hands-on lab where you can discover real-world solutions and experiment with the latest ed tech innovations. And this year, it’s in Philadelphia! Learn more at

Top 3 challenges of teaching digital citizenship

In a world where technology changes faster than teachers can keep up, and students face different expectations for technology use at home than at school, many schools are struggling to develop a cohesive digital citizenship curriculum. Technology infusion and professional development coordinator LeeAnn Lindsey explains the three biggest challenges of teaching digital citizenship. Watch more education-related videos on ISTE’s EdTekHub,, and learn more about our digital citizenship resources:….

Overcoming the barriers to innovation

To successfully teach with technology, schools must cultivate the necessary conditions for innovation to thrive. District superintendent Pat Skorkowsky reveals how the fifth largest U.S. school district has used ISTE’s Essential Conditions for tech integration to spur rapid growth in student achievement. Watch more education-related videos on ISTE’s EdTekHub, Has your school or district developed the necessary conditions for technology integration? Evaluate your progress with the Lead & Transform diagnostic tool:…

ISTE Standards: Preparing students for the digital age

The ISTE Standards serve as a beacon for students and educators as they navigate the digital universe. Teachers and leaders from around the globe share their insights into how the standards are helping them guide systemwide change, design instruction for the digital age and prepare students for an inconceivable future. Learn about the ISTE Standards at Watch more education-related videos on ISTE’s EdTekHub,

Meet the Makers

Join a few of our ISTE 2015 Makerspace presenters for a 30 minute chat. Laura Briggs Technology Resource Teacher  Loudoun County Public Schools Sylvia Martinez Co-author of Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom Vinnie Vrotny Director of  Technology Kinkaid School They will be taking your questions and are looking forward to “hanging out”.

Educators from around the world connect at ISTE 2015

“How often do 17,000 educators passionate about education technology get to come together from around the world to talk about what they love and learn from each other?” Answer: Once a year, at the ISTE Conference & Expo, where they finally get to meet their virtual colleagues face to face. See what else is happening at ISTE 2015 at

ISTE Ignite talk: Jenn Scheffer

Jenn Scheffer, faculty facilitator of one of the first and most successful student-run genius bars in the country, describes some of the powerful ways that the Burlington High School Help Desk gives students real-world opportunities to build invaluable digital age skills in her ISTE Ignite talk at ISTE 2015 in Philadelphia. Find out more about the ISTE Conference & Expo at

Let’s Get Social: The Educator’s Guide to Edmodo

Social networks are a growing part of our daily lives. But what people may not know is that these powerful and diverse online communities can also inform the way students learn, the way teachers teach and the way educators communicate and share ideas. Let’s Get Social is an instructional tool. In this book, educators can learn everything they need to know about integrating social learning at all grade levels using the popular educational social network, Edmodo. With valuable tips and resources for both new and experienced users, it provides immediately adaptable strategies for incorporating Edmodo’s suite of tools and apps in their classrooms. Learn how to leverage Edmodo for assessment, project-based learning, flipped classroom, gamification and more.

Amy O’Toole urges educators to inspire students with real science

At age 10, Amy O’Toole became one of the youngest people ever to publish a peer-reviewed science paper. Previously disinterested in science, O’Toole’s passion was ignited by an educator who empowered his students to conduct real scientific research. In her EdTedTalk at ISTE 2015, O’Toole invites educators to push boundaries and challenge the notion that children can’t do real science.