Delivered by Distinguished Speaker Dale Dougherty, Founding Editor of Maker Media. The growing Maker Movement, with Make Magazine and Maker Faire leading the charge, is a catalyst for change in industry, culture and education. Making is the magic that can transform us from passive consumers into active producers. In education, making is the magic that can turn students bored by traditional academics into active, engaged learners. As makers, students can be inspired and invited to design and create, build and tinker, explore and discover, fail and recover, all of which develop the kind of skills and mindset that we recognize in creative and innovative people. Making encourages us to see the world as filled with endless possibilities and problems worth solving. We must take advantage of this opportunity to transform standardized education into a wide-open workshop for innovation. We’ll look at the importance of creating makerspaces in schools, developing a community of practice around engaging kids as makers, and how online tools can enhance and extend the value of making to the broader community.

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