Campbell Brown, Jonathan Alter, Reihan Salam, Roland Martin Is 2016 the year America’s public education crisis will take center stage in the presidential election? Thought-leaders and political journalists sound off on this question and explore how and why the challenges and opportunities facing our country’s K-12 education system must matter in the 2016 election. K-12 education regularly ranks as an issue voters are most concerned about, but it is often overlooked in debates and along the campaign trail. Amid rising concerns about income disparity, economic opportunity and racial equality, the panel will discuss how education policies have factored into the 2016 election cycle so far, and how this urgent issue can still shape November’s contest. Campbell Brown The Seventy Four – Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder Jonathan Alter – Journalist Reihan Salam National Review – Exec Editor Roland Martin News One Now/TV One Cable Network – Host & Managing Editor

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