Dr. Yong Zhao addresses ISTE 2012 attendees on the topic of ” Global, Creative, and Entrepreneurial: Defining High-Quality Education.” How do you prepare students for their future when globalization and rapid technological changes make it almost impossible to predict what the future will be like? In this presentation, Dr. Yong Zhao shows how the current measures of education quality, such as the PISA and TIMSS, are misleading, and how the so-called high-performing education systems do not actually produce the kind of creative and entrepreneurial talents we need. He makes the case for a future-oriented education starting with each child instead of an authoritative prescription of knowledge and skills. He discusses the education necessary to prepare students to be globally competent and creative entrepreneurs. Also featuring remarks for ISTE CEO Don Knezek and a recognition of long-time ISTE staffer Anita McAnear, who retires at the end of July.

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