Dr. Kathleen A. Marrs is a member of the Biology Department at IUPUI. She has been recognized as a Women Creating Excellence at IUPUI, selected for the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, and is a member of the Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET). She is currently the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Science, and leads a number of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education programs in the School of Science funded by the National Science Foundation. She is the Director of the Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship program and NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program at IUPUI, two programs created to prepare the next generation of STEM teachers. TEDxIUPUI Talk Title: Inspiring Students in STEM How can we inspire students to view the STEM disciplines as interesting, relevant, and accessible to all? Can real life examples and interactions with scientists inspire students to pursue the many opportunities available to them in STEM fields? How can we recruit and prepare the best STEM teachers to guide the next generation? We’ll examine these questions in the context of raising the next generation of STEM thinkers and problem solvers.

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