Welcome Address: A Global Perspective on Innovation for Equity and Redefining Student Success, by Susan Patrick. Opening Keynote Address: The End of Average: How We Succeed in a World That Values Sameness, by Todd Rose. In traditional K-12 education, all students are measured against the yardstick of average every day. However, research and brain science shows all people learn and develop in distinctive ways. These unique characteristics become lost in traditional school models, designed around the “average person.” Weaving science, history, and his experiences as a high school dropout, Rose brings to life the untold story of how we came to embrace the flawed idea of “average.” He explains the key principles of individuality and demonstrates how to shift from an average size-fits-all education system into one engineered around student individuality and talent. He proposes key concepts as a blueprint for establishing an educational system consistent with the principles of individuality that will help all students choose and get trained for a career. This ground-breaking book highlights recommendations for reimagining the future of learning with a stronger focus on honoring individuality, building talent, focusing on competencies and credentialing qualifications in the coming age.

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