iNACOL Teacher Talk Webinar Thursday, June 19, 2014 “Educator Competencies for the Blended Learning Classroom” Blended learning allows educators to personalize instruction – targeting each individual student’s needs for learning more rapidly; providing immediate responses to intervention; offering targeted support when needed; and allowing students to demonstrate deeper learning competencies and advance based on competency. As blended learning models become more prevalent, the need to identify and foster core educator competencies for strong blended learning instructional practice becomes greater. A working group of educators, administrators, professional developers and researchers from a range schools, models and regions are developing a framework of competencies necessary for the blended learning teacher, building from the understanding that much of what makes a great traditional classroom teacher translates into a blended environment. This webinar will share the working group’s process and findings. Please join us to participate in this ongoing conversation and to provide your feedback. Speakers: Kathryn Kennedy, Senior Researcher, Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute Allison Powell, Vice President, New Learning Models, iNACOL Kerry Rice, Professor, Department of Educational Technology, Boise State University Barbara Treacy, Director, ETLO, Education Development Center

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