(This Leadership Webinar took place on Wednesday, May 14, 2014) “Closing the ‘Advanced Achievement Gap’: How Educators Can Help High-Achieving Low-Income and Minority Youth Stay On Track” Nationally, many students of color and students from low-socioeconomic backgrounds perform among the top 25 percent of all students in reading and math at the beginning of high school. Many of them, however, leave high school with lower college success predictors than their high-achieving white and more advantaged peers. Schools can take action to better serve these students. To prepare students for college and career, high schools must balance their attention carefully, ensuring that low-achievers catch up and high-achievers don’t lose ground. In this webinar, Christina Theokas and Marni Bromberg of the Education Trust will share research and insight into how to better serve this group. Personalized blended and online courses can provide powerful delivery systems to increase access and equity for underserved students. Educators and school leaders need to ensure students have access to high-quality new learning opportunities. The Education Trust’s research has major implications for how to increase educational opportunities and provide equity. This webinar will include a real world example of how to use blended and online learning to close the achievement gap for high-achieving poor and minority students. Speakers – Christina Theokas, Director of Research, Education Trust – Marni Bromberg, Research Associate, Education Trust – Debbie Vincent, Instructional Technology Curriculum Specialist, Alief ISD (Houston, TX)

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