Rick Hess, Director of Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute Bror Saxberg, Chief Learning Officer, Kaplan Inc. How can we design the most effective instructional environments? How do we approach the transformation to student-centric learning using what learning science tells us to do, and not do, to enhance student success? In their new book, “Breakthrough Leadership in the Digital Age”, Hess and Saxberg offer that there’s never been a better time to be a “learning engineer” — working to apply what’s known about learning to the very real challenges of developing affordable, reliable, available, data-rich competency-based learning environments. Our educational leaders must take up the challenge to become empowered with “cage-busting leadership” in order to take on the laws, rules, and regulations that prevent them from implementing true transformational changes to our educational systems. Citing many examples of leaders who have busted out of the cage, Hess will illustrate how tough decisions can be made to provide the quality education we seek for our students. The crux of how to break down barriers, enable good teachers to do great work and provide students from all backgrounds equity and excellent opportunities to learn and thrive is at the heart of this discussion. Their book provides a framework, common language, and real-world examples of how to do just that. Saxberg is a researcher and visionary on digital learning’s ability to transform education. This keynote will both connect the dots between research on the best learning environments for how student learn and identify breakthrough tactics to overcome what stands in the way of the revolution toward student-centered learning. By design and through science, it is evident that digital learning offers solutions for transforming education around student-centered and highly personalized learning. Combining a solution-driven approach with strong “cage-busting” leadership will offer tremendous insights and tools for leaders committed to doing what is right for kids.

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