Bett is the world’s leading education technology event, bringing together over 35,000 attendees from over 150 countries each year. The event, which is held annually at the ExCeL London convention center, features a wide range of exhibitors, presentations, and workshops focused on the latest trends and innovations in education technology.

Since its inception in 1985, Bett has become a must-attend event for educators, school leaders, policy makers, and technology professionals from around the world. The event has a strong focus on K-12 education, but also includes content and exhibitors relevant to higher education, vocational training, and corporate learning.

One of the key features of Bett is the exhibition hall, where attendees can explore the latest products and services from over 700 exhibitors. This includes everything from hardware and software to educational resources, curriculum materials, and professional development opportunities.

In addition to the exhibition hall, Bett also features a packed schedule of presentations and workshops led by industry experts and thought leaders. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including pedagogy, technology integration, digital citizenship, and more.

One of the standout features of Bett is the BETT Futures program, which highlights innovative start-ups and emerging technologies in the education space. This program gives attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies, and provides a platform for start-ups to showcase their products and services to a global audience.

Another key feature of Bett is the BETT Arena, which hosts keynote presentations and panel discussions featuring leading figures in the education and technology sectors. Past speakers have included educators, policy makers, and technology executives, and these sessions provide valuable insights into the future of education and technology.

In addition to the main event, Bett also hosts a number of pre- and post-event workshops and conferences focused on specific topics and themes. These events provide more in-depth learning opportunities for attendees, and are a great way for attendees to network and connect with like-minded individuals.

Overall, Bett is a must-attend event for anyone interested in education and technology. Whether you’re an educator, school leader, policy maker, or technology professional, there is something for everyone at Bett. The event is a great opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the field, and to connect with other professionals from around the world.