Using two concepts that are related but not equivalent (teaching and learning), Sofia Castro and Paulo Vasconcelos, two teachers from the School of Economics and Management from University of Porto, designed a learning methodology. By using this method the student is free to choose their own educational path. This methodology can be used by individualists, by students who prefer to work in groups, protects introverts and exposes extroverts. The motivation and the effort under this strategy will guide the student to the desired goal: the success. Sofia Castro is Full Professor at Faculty of Economics and a researcher at Maths Research Center of the University of Porto. Besides doing research in Mathematics in the areas of Dynamical Systems and Singularity Theory, she has collaborated with economists in addressing research questions in economics, including problems of general equilibrium, oligopoly theory and New Economic Geography. Throughout her teaching career she has been confronted with several pedagogical challenges that motivate her continuous development in this area. Paulo Vasconcelos is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and a researcher at the Maths Research Center of University of Porto. His research focuses on Numerical Analysis, Computational Mathematics and Computational Economics. He also researches topics such as National Defense, Underground Economy and Fraud Systems in Portugal. For a long time he has devoted time to reflect on pedagogical issues, in particular the use of virtual learning environments. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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