Make learning with technology meaningful with the ISTE Standards for Students! Use this rap video produced by Flocabulary to get students engaged and show them what it means to be a digital age learner. Learn more about the ISTE Standards: Learn more about Flocabulary: The ISTE Standards for Students are a learner-driven process of exploration, creativity and discovery using technology for learning. Number one — I’m an Empowered Learner, I set goals and pursue ’em with fervor. My learning is up to me, it’s not passive, My brain learns best when I am digitally proactive, Number two — I’m a digital Citizen, I stay safe on all the sites I’m visiting. I use technology to make a difference With power comes responsibility, you getting it? I’m a Knowledge Constructor — number three, I carefully select and evaluate what I read. Curate media oh so brilliantly (And) I think critically about source validity. Four — I’m an Innovative Designer, That means I solve problems, major and minor. Start with empathy, ideate, then prototype, Test and iterate, that method is so nice, I’m a Computational Thinker — five, Improving any process I can find. Writing algorithms and testing in beta, Analyzing to find the trends in the data. I’m a Creative Communicator — (that’s) six, Like I put this in a rap song to make it stick. I could use different media or tools, Like infographics to make my point get through. Seven — I’m a Global Collaborator, I might connect with students way over the equator. Digital technology makes the dream come true, I had a virtual field trip with a kid in Peru. That’s seven ways that I can be A life-long learner in this 21st century. What kind of student do I want to be? It’s my path, that’s up to me!

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