What does extraordinary learning look like when we put aside our current assumptions of what, where, when, and how learning should occur? And what systems would be necessary to support this new type of learning? These are the questions that an unusually diverse group of leaders came together to explore. After an 18-month dialogue, these stakeholders emerged united behind a shared transformational vision for learner-centered education in the U.S. and committed to making it a reality. Join two of those Education Reimagined vision creators, who came into the process at opposite ends of the current debates and left the process in partnership, for a discussion moderated by the convener of the project. Explore a learner-centric paradigm for education that sees all children as wondrous, curious, capable human beings and designs a system around the learner unconstrained by the current industrial-model of education. Hear about their experiences during the 18-month dialogue, how they arrived at their new vision, and how many education pioneers are already working to make the vision a reality. Discover how this group’s vision and the path they took to get there can inspire, inform and propel your work to design learning experiences and systems that have each and every child thrive and realize their full potential.

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