What’s in this episode? Outcomes of tour of ten countries and 2 years work looking at education innovation Why education is local, not global Why storytelling is so essential; getting the buy-in of parents and students The power of gamified education Why EdTech is not just about the consumption of content, but the creation of content Why education innovation needs the language of teachers and of business Why low-tech education innovation needs showcasing vs. VR, AI and hype terms The opportunity of EdTech for special educational needs Creating a clear brand around French EdTech – implications for start-ups Addressing the silos of education Creating impactful low-hype EdTech How Svenia and Audrey met at business school and realised they learnt more through ‘doing’ than attending ‘learning classes’. How they applied this to education innovation more broadly. Most memorable part of the tour spent : South Africa with Green Shoots Education Quotes:  On next steps in Audrey’s career: ‘I don’t think working for the ministry (of education) would be the solution.’ On liking/disliking school ‘I think I loved it.’ ‘I really want to go back into teaching at some point.’ On collaboration: ‘You need people who speak both languages – the one of the teachers and the one of the business people.’ Reading and Resources: The Edtech World Tour & Liberte Living Lab http://www.edtechworldtour.com/#report https://liberte.paris/ http://www.edtechworldtour.com/#partners EdTech Europe: http://edtechxeurope.com/ French MOE: http://www.education.gouv.fr/  

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